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Remember the time you met the guy who you thought was the man of your dreams? The only problem was than you found out he has a beautiful wife. If that has happened to you in the past, than you will love this Hooked Fish web site. It is all about men we dream about, but can have, because they are all ready hooked up with a woman. It's like sorry Charlie he's already hooked, but I still don't mind taken a look.
Here is the list:
1.Rick Perry Governor of Texas, 2.Actor Mel Gibson 3.Actor Ben Stiller, 4.New York Congressman Rick Lazio, 5.Tennis-Pro Pete Sampras 6. Actor Pierce Brosnan 7.CNN News Correspondent Nic Robertson 8. Country Singer Mark Wills 9. Actor Kevin Costner 10.President George W. Bush 11.Jeb Bush Governor of Florida 12.King Abdullah of Jordan 13.ABC Political Correspondent George Stephanopoulos 14.Actor Michael J. Fox 15.Music Man/Actor Harry Connick Jr. 16.Comedian Talk Show Host Jon Stewart 17.Actor Austin Peck 18.Singer Rock Star Jon Bon Jovi 19.Actor Denzel Washington 20.Comedian Adam Sandler 21. CNN's Jeffrey Toobin 22.Country Music Star Brian McComas 23. Counter Music New Commer Dierk Bentley 24.Country Star Legend Toby Keith 25. Til Schweiger.

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