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7.CNN News Correspondent Nic Robertson
Family man Nic Robertson has his wife, CNN's London reporter Margaret Lowrie and 2 daughters Lowie and Nicky to back him up in his career choice. Nic and his wife met in Jordan and "it was love at first site" she has stated. Nic Robertson is a lovely man who I have picked on in the past for the interesting funny pictures CNN has released of him. He seems very uncomfortable in almost all the pictures they release, still yet he handles his job like a pro, and incase you haven't noticed CNN seems to chose him for a lot of jobs, cause he is almost always on when you turn to CNN for news. He could be like CNN's handy man.

8.Country Super Star Mark Wills
Here is a lovely man I have had the honor of meeting many times. It makes me happy to see his success. Here is some information on the beautiful Mark Wills
Full Name: Daryl Mark Williams (Wills)
Date & Place of Birth: August 8, 1973 - Cleveland, Tennessee
Current Residence: Kennesaw, Georgia
Color of Hair, Eyes & Height: Black, Brown, 5'10"
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Kelly
Children: 1 Daughter, Mally Ann
Parents: Jerry and Shirley Williams
Siblings: Amy, Teo (foster brother)
Current Record Label & Signing Date: Mercury, 1995
Best Known Recordings: Jacob's Ladder, I Do (Cherish You), Don't Laugh At Me, Wish You Were Here, Back At One
Instruments Played: Drums, Guitar
Name of Band: Nokintobob (No-kin-to-Bob)

9.President George W. Bush
George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States and was formerly the 46th Governor of the State of Texas.George is married to Laura Welch Bush. If you didn't know that you have probably been living on another planet. He has probably been the only President that hasn't been accused of cheating on his wife yet. Maybe that's because people got sick of that in the Clinton era. George was chosen for this page by a big admirer. My friend Jennifer, who loves, votes for, and adores him as President. She thinks he's a fine man.

10.Governor Jeb Bush of Florida
Jeb Bush married Columba Garnica Gallo on February 23rd in 1974. From 1980 until the Governor's election, they lived in Miami where they raised their three children, George, 27, Noelle, 25, and Jebby, 19. This is one beautiful family. He is also the son of the 41st President and brother to the 43rd President picture above. He has always been publicized as being the smartest one in his family. I think he should be President instead of George.
11.Country Singer Clay Walker
Country Cooner Clay Walker and his wife Laura have been married for many years and live in Texas. He is fighting Multiple Sclerosis and with a new hit album out recently, it doesn't look like the disease has got him down. He looks to be doing well and is still a strong family man. You might remember his hit songs like "If I Could Make A Liv'in Out of Lov'in You" and "Than What." His new album is doing just as well. You go Clay.The last thing Clay has time to do is get depressed about having multiple sclerosis (MS). Since 1996, he has had nagging reminders that he was a little different, a laziness in his right leg, tingling in his right hand, and tiredness when he wished he could do one more thing. Rather than dwell on what he couldn't do, he chose to focus on getting the most out of everything he still has.
"I just feel so grateful I can do things like play the guitar, dance, and sign autographs. I think I appreciate every show more than I used to because I know it could all be taken from me. I don't want to waste even one day," Clay explained.
12.King Abdullah of Jordan
Is he English or Arabic? Well he's both. Abdullah speaks perfect English. That might be because he is half English. He is also very well liked in America. He has lovely blue eyes and he's always called charming by the press. He's been the only King of Jordan who has managed to not end up divorced yet. He and his wife Queen Riana have 3 beautiful children. Let's hope this is one King that can prove Kings are actually worth keeping around.
13. ABC Political Correspondent George Stephanopoulos
Oh the hearts that broke when this man got hooked. George was one of my favorite bachelors. I've adored him since he first came out in to the public's eye during his Clinton years. I'm glad to see he married a blond and a comic writer. I bet I would like her. Anyway, George married Alexandra Wentworth, and it's publicized he's enjoying married life and a new baby. This beautiful Greek man is now ABC's Political Correspondent. Good job George!!! I consider myself to be a CNN junky, but sometimes I cheat on CNN, and flip the channel to ABC to try to find the George.